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Andrew's Exclusive Support Plan.


This is proving extremely popular with everyone.


NOTE: This has become very popular now so I am contacting all existing customers before accepting new customers via this site. Feel free to let me know you are interested though via the contact page


The cost currently is £5.99 per month paid by direct debit. 

What it includes.....


1. My Livedrive UK based cloud backup system with unlimited storage and computers.


2. Free email & phone support.


3. An annual service / check-up / clean-up for your main computer done remotely.


4. Regular email updates with help, hints, tips etc.


5. Half price remote help and repair for all jobs that don't require a visit. 


6. Discounted callouts, repairs, and maintenance.


Here is a PDF about it in more detail. I recommend you print
it out. It's 2 pages so double sided would be good if A: Your printer can do double-sided and B: You want to save trees :-)


Exclusive service plan
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