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Remote Support with ANYDESK

Remote support with Teamviewer

I can now fix many problems without even needing to visit you. Teamviewer is an amazing piece of software that allows me to take control of your computer as if I were sitting in front of it.


IMPORTANT - I can't access your computer without your permission as it's impossible for me to get in if the software isn't running on your computer AND it generates a different password every time it runs.


 Charges for remote support are slightly less that for a visit. But will be discounted if you are on my Exclusive support plan. Ask about this new service.


 To use remote support you will need to download a small piece of software (only once) and save it, ideally to your desktop. I will help you with this over the phone the first time you call up.


If you are feeling confident though you just need to click on the link below and make sure you "save as" to your desktop. You can then leave the software there for future support calls. Feel free to download the software now so you have it when you need it.


Andrew's Teamviewer
Remote software you can download so I can repair your computer or help with something across the Internet.
Andrews Teamviewer.exe
Windows program file [4.0 MB]
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