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It should be noted that I NEVER sell any service I don't use myself. To this end I have used Livedrive cloud backup for around 4 years and all my email is hosted on a secure Microsoft Exchange mailbox. Without this my business wouldn't function.

Ask me about Exchange if you run a business from sole trader to small.


Services include...


On-site support in the South Devon area.


Remote support covering a wider area.


Telephone support and advice.


Cloud Backup solutions.


Microsoft Exchange hosted email (the best email ever, it never breaks!)


Introducing.... Andrew's Exclusive Support Plan (For domestic and business)


This is only available to local customers and initially only to my existing customers that I have acquired over the last 12 years. I have only just launched this new way of working and so far it has been so popular that every single customer has signed up. This is good for me AND good for my customers.

It's only fair that I give my long term customers the choice first. When and if I exhaust these, I will take on new customers who are interested.

If you are interested to find out what it's all about then please contact me. Existing customers will be able to sign up right away and I will take the contact details of everyone else and let them know later if there are any places left.


Existing customers, particularly those on my Livedrive product will soon be contacted about this new service anyway.


Plusnet are in my opinion the best Internet service provider bar none. Join by clicking on the banner below. If you want to move to Plusnet just get a MAC code from your current provider before you click this link (don't cancel anything).


IMPORTANT - Plusnet have a unique referrals shceme. For every person you sign up you get a either 50p or £1 EVERY MONTH off your broadband for as long as that person stays with them.

This is truly unlimited to the point where they end up paying you!!!

If you do decide to go with them then please use this banner (DON'T go directly to thier site). I will then get the discount and will become your referrer automatically.

Please contact me here to let me know you have done it. Thanks.

Once you are a customer, you can start referring freinds and get your own discount.

Sign up 5 people to Plusnet phone and broadband and get £5 per month off your broadband bill


Broadband from £5.99 a month with an included wireless router when you sign up to Plusnet - terms apply
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